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Monday, March 4, 2013

Easy & Fast : How to fix android error 923

Easy & Fast : How to fix android error 923

If you are android phone owner, sometimes you may had an experiences about error when downloading apps from Google play store, such as Android error 498, Error 921. There's cause from your cache memory in phone was not enough.

But today, our Android app center team will explain you for "Android error 923" while you're under downloading app from Play store. Of course, you can't to continue download it finish. And someone may be can't fix this problem.

Android Error 921 is means "there's some interrupted on your phone/tablets while app downloading", if you've this experiences, please follow below 2 steps.

1. In your android phone, go to Setting > Data > Google Play, from this, you do unchecked restrict background data and killing all tasks.

2. Back to Google Play store, re-try to download app again.

If you done 2 steps above, it still not working. You may have a cause of network cut out. You can try to connect other network of WiFi and download it again.

Hope this information is useful for you :)

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